In July 2021, digital media platform Horse Network launched #WeRideTogether, a powerful PSA campaign and an in-depth microsite designed to bring much needed awareness, education, and resources to help counter sexual misconduct and abuse in the equestrian world.

“#WeRideTogether is a true movement and cultural shift,” notes the organization, one that “demands increased accountability from trainers and coaches, gives survivors a safe platform for their voice, and helps diminish the stigma and fear of coming forward.”

Central to the campaign is the multi-part #WeRideTogether PSA series showcasing survivor voices from a variety of sports including Gymnastics, Football, Diving, and Equestrian. Each narrative shares common themes, such as “How normalized predatory behavior is for the victims,” “the overarching power imbalance between athlete and adult”, and “the overall lack of accountability by those in a position of power.” Each story also underscores that such grooming of intended victims not only takes multiple forms, but also takes time.

This week, #WeRideTogether announced the release of its 5th PSA in collaboration with The Army of Survivors, an organization committed to bringing awareness, accountability, and transparency to sexual violence against athletes.

Four PSA s have already dropped and can be viewed at the links below:

PSA #1: “Empty Chair”

PSA #2: “She Knew What She Was Doing”

PSA #3: “#WeRideTogether”

PSA #4: “You Are Not Alone”

PSA #5: “The Army of Survivors”

For more information, visit the #WeRideTogether website.

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