As reported by Law360, Amplify Energy Corporation has agreed to pay $50 million to class members who allege they were harmed by the October 2021 pipeline rupture and resulting catastrophic oil spill that dumped up to 131,000 gallons of highly toxic crude oil off the coast of Huntington Beach. The spill killed fish and wildlife, forced the closure of fishing blocks and harbors, and soiled world-famous Southern California beaches and beachfront communities.

As of a result of the spill, 23 miles of formerly pristine California coastline, from Huntington Beach to Dana Point, were restricted to the public as the oil spill engulfed beaches, protected wetlands, and harbors. Tar balls likely related to the spill also began washing up on San Diego’s beaches.

As part of the settlement terms, class members will be divided into three groups receiving payments; Amplify will pay $34 million to a class of fish industry plaintiffs, $9 million to a class of property owners and $7 million to a waterfront tourism class.

“The proposed settlement is an excellent result for the proposed settlement classes, and readily satisfies the criteria for preliminary settlement approval of being fair, reasonable, and adequate,” noted representatives for the proposed classes in a motion for preliminary approval of the settlement filed on Monday. “In particular, the settlement will provide Orange County businesses and residents with relief rapidly, rather than after years of continued litigation and appeals that would otherwise ensue.”

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