Unsilenced is a dedicated nonprofit organization combatting institutional child abuse by targeting the “Troubled Teen Industry” (TTI) – a pervasive network of unregulated congregate care facilities. While these facilities’s stated mission is to assist youth grappling with mental health and/or educational challenges, reports from families and residents allege that such teen care facilities all-too frequently subject their residents to shocking mistreatment, including psychological harms, unnecessary medicating, and even physical and sexual assault.

Paris Hilton, a vocal advocate for change in the TTI, recently visited Washington, D.C., to push for federal laws that would protect children and teens in similar situations. Hilton’s activism, along with Unsilenced’s efforts, help to shed light on the need for transparency and accountability in this disturbing flawed and insufficiently regulated industry.

Unsilenced (and indeed, Lieff Cabraser and all other firms and organizations working to end teen abuse) envisions a world where young people are free from forced institutionalization, and where their voices are respected and included in shaping efforts to maximize their mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Unsilenced’s core values of social innovation, inclusivity, diversity, transparency, and teamwork guide its efforts in empowering advocates to bring about lasting social change for all of our country’s troubled and misunderstood teens.

Instead of resorting to the largely unregulated Troubled Teen Industry, Unsilenced promotes constructive alternatives that prioritize keeping young people with their families and communities. They believe in fostering better health outcomes for youth without resorting to harmful, remote, depersonalized, and neglectful and even abusive institutionalization.

Nonprofit Unsilenced’s initiatives include increasing education, awareness, community support, and policy changes to protect the civil, social, and human rights of youth. By embracing a positive and rewarding culture, Unsilenced connects with its mission in a wide range of meaningful and compassionate ways, deepening its impact on one of the highest-risk communities in the U.S.

Learn more about Unsilenced and its mission to protect youth from the Troubled Teen Industry.

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