In the wake of unprecedented surges in data breaches and unauthorized dissemination of personal information, data privacy litigation has become a critical tool in preserving consumer’s and patients’ privacy rights. By holding irresponsible and bad-actor companies accountable for their data protection insufficiencies and improper sales and sharing of private personal and medical info, plaintiff attorneys work tirelessly to preserve personal data privacy rights and keep the ever-growing packs of data-wolves at bay.

Data privacy litigation serves the dual purpose of holding companies liable for negligent or unlawful conduct and providing compensation for consumers and patients whose data is exposed or improperly sold and monetized. These cases send a clear message that data misuse and inadequate data protection is not just unacceptable but legally actionable, meaning that people whose privacy gets invaded and trampled can get real-world recourse for the info-violations.

Specialized and leading-edge plaintiff attorneys like the Cyberprivacy team at Lieff Cabraser are able to employ advanced legal strategies and high-powered investigative methods to expose the reality behind the multitude of reported data breaches and monetized and predatory privacy violations. Through careful analysis of the evidence leveraged upon ever-evolving state-of-the-art tools, plaintiff lawyers can assess the true extent of the damage and build solid cases seeking tangible redress on behalf of those whose innate rights to information privacy have been infringed, breached, or sold without consent at great profit to the data-thieves.

Successful data privacy lawsuits on behalf of consumers and patients typically include relief that includes companies being compelled to adopt meaningfully more secure data management practices and implementing forward-facing and stringent security improvements to safeguard personal user information. These remedies help prevent future breaches and can force-enhance companies’ commitments to protecting sensitive user and even visitor data.

One notable example is the case filed by Lieff Cabraser against Plaid Inc., which accused the company of serious consumer privacy invasions with regard to sensitive financial and bank account data. The settlement won on behalf of consumers nationwide required Plaid not just to pay $58 million in restitution, but required the company to establish new, robust privacy protection policies and strategies. Lieff Cabraser also successfully represented individuals across the U.S. whose privacy was breached by Google’s Street View vehicles improperly collecting personal data via Wi-Fi networks. This work led to a $13 million settlement from Google, monies that in this instance were distributed to a series of non-profit organizations focused on upholding and protecting online consumer privacy.

Data privacy litigation on behalf of patients and consumers also heightens public awareness about the significance of data breaches and illegal data-sharing, and the potential repercussions both financial and practice that companies will face if they neglect their lawful privacy obligations or predatorily share and sell user data. As may not be surprising, and as a rule, businesses that face successful prosecution for user privacy failures re-prioritize data security and commit to stringently upholding proper data protection and security practices to avoid recurrent fines, lawsuits, and court-ordered data restructuring along with substantially increased privacy protection obligations.

Data privacy litigation plays a vital role in preserving data privacy rights and securing the personal information of millions of individuals throughout the U.S.. By holding companies accountable for data misuse and breaches, plaintiff lawyers and the cases they bring on behalf of the public deliver justice to the affected parties and compel the restructuring of a more secure digital ecosystem for everyone.

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Lieff Cabraser’s Cybersecurity and Data Privacy practice group is committed to ensuring that the fundamental right to privacy is respected and maintained as technology evolves to grow ever more powerful, pervasive, and intrusive.

Our Cybersecurity attorneys have the experience and technical expertise necessary to successfully litigate a comprehensive range of privacy claims. We represent individuals in precedent-setting cases against powerful technology, social media, healthcare, and entertainment companies, as we continue to reaffirm and enforce all the privacy protections the law provides to keep secure the most sensitive personal information of citizens in the U.S. and around the world.

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