In the wake of the determined, undercover, and brave efforts of whistleblowers across the managed care industry over a long period of time, the inescapable conclusion is managed care has been replete with fraud. Cigna is now paying $172 million to resolve claims for false coding and misuse of risk adjustment, a welcome development and a step forward. Yet upcoding, overstating revenue devoted to patient care, and various schemes to squeeze more money out of the taxpayer are common.

Read about our whistleblower case work on cases such as Gold Coast, The Door, and Abbvie.

Lieff, Cabraser’s False Claims Act/Whistleblower Law group has resolved and is pursuing multiple matters on behalf of whistleblowers in both the managed and fee-for-service areas, and against the backdrop of its 50 year history combatting fraud in the healthcare space with creative and tenacious litigation.

Recent coverage from Fierce Healthcare and MSN provides details.

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