Law360 (subscription) has published an in-depth profile on Lieff Cabraser’s Product Liability Law practice group as part of its recognition of the firm as a 2023 “Product Liability Law Practice Group of the Year.” The honor comes on the heels of our firm’s significant legal victories in two landmark cases: a $230 million settlement with Walgreens over the opioid crisis in San Francisco, and a $235 million settlement in teen vaping injury litigation against tobacco behemoths Juul and Altria.

Law360’s profile praises the Lieff Cabraser product liability team for its seasoned expertise and strategic litigation prowess. Richard Heimann, a partner at the firm and a recipient of Law360’s 2022 Product Liability MVP award, attributes these successes to the firm’s judicious approach to case selection and the profound knowledge base of its lawyers. Heimann emphasizes that the firm prioritizes the merit and potential impact of cases over sheer quantity, ensuring that its legal efforts are both effective and meaningful.

Lieff Cabraser partner Sarah London highlighted the collaborative ethos that underpins Lieff Cabraser’s success, underscoring how the firm’s culture encourages the sharing of knowledge and experiences, allowing younger lawyers to learn from seasoned veterans.

“We are one of the oldest plaintiffs-side firms,” noted London, “and our strength comes in part from our legacy and leadership. Elizabeth Cabraser and Richard Heimann continue to lead and provide encyclopedic knowledge of the law, and they are pioneers in the way we practice.” She went on to note that Lieff Cabraser “encourages and provides meaningful opportunities for young lawyers to grow and develop and learn from senior leadership. We have extraordinary institutional knowledge that isn’t sitting in books, but in the everyday exchange of ideas and the practice of law.”

Law360 notes that Lieff Cabraser’s victories in the courtroom, particularly the landmark settlements with Walgreens and Juul, demonstrate the firm’s unwavering commitment to holding corporations accountable for their actions. These successes not only provide significant relief to affected communities but also set important legal precedents that will influence product liability litigation for years to come.

Read the full profile on Law360’s website (subscription).

About Lieff Cabraser’s Product Liability Practice Group

Lieff Cabraser has played a leading role in many of the largest, most important personal injury law and wrongful death lawsuits in the U.S. These cases have involved negligent conduct as well as a vast range of defective products — including dangerous prescription drugs like the opioids that were overdistributed and overprescribed to harm communities nationwide and products like talcum powder linked to ovarian cancer, faulty medical devices, unsafe vehicles, and dangerous consumer products. In many cases, in addition to financial recovery, we have assisted our clients in persuading corporate defendants to issue recalls and otherwise improve their safety procedures and oversight for the protection of all consumers and patients.

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