Google Workspace Fraud

Lieff Cabraser and co-counsel represent a class of customers who signed up for Workspace (formerly G Suite or Google Apps) during the several years when Google promised that the service would be “free-for-life.”

According to the Class Action Complaint, beginning in January of 2012, all new customers signing up for Workspace were required to pay for the service. Paid customers pay a monthly fee per user, such as $12 per employee/user, for a basic version of Workspace. The Complaint alleges, however, that until recently, Google had never mentioned breaking the “free-for-life” promise made to the early adopters of Workspace.

The Complaint further asserts that, due to backlash from customers in response to Google’s announcement that it was breaching its “free-for-life” promise, Google eventually allowed some “free-for-life” customers with “non-commercial” accounts to “opt-out” of the breach. The suit alleges, however, that the Plaintiff and other small business owners who have commercial accounts are now forced to pay for their once-free Workspace services, even though, the suit contends, Google never distinguished between commercial and non-commercial use when it made the free-for-life promise and Google knew that many of the early adopters would use the service for their business. Indeed, the Complaint explains that Google explicitly marketed the free service to businesses. The suit also alleges that “non-commercial” users who provided their payment information shortly after Google’s January 2022 announcement that it was breaking the free-for-life promise, and other “non-commercial” users, are likewise being forced to pay for their once-free Workspace service in violation of what Google promised.

The legal claims referenced in the Class Action Complaint are for breach of contract, unjust enrichment, and violations of California’s Unfair Competition Law. The suit seeks restitution, specific performance, and injunctive relief.

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