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Juul Addiction Stroke and Lung Injury Lawsuits

Lieff Cabraser represents a young man who suffered a stroke as a result of his addiction to Juul vaped tobacco. Widespread media attention has focused on new studies and reports serious dangers and heightened risks associated with Juul products, particularly for users under the age of 26. These new e-cigarettes are especially popular among young adults due to their sleek and discreet design and liquid-filled cartridges (“Juul pods”) that come in a variety of candy-like and other flavors, and that popularity is leading to serious adverse health consequences for younger Americans.

The plaintiff in the Juul addiction and injury lawsuit alleges that Juul manufactures and markets products that are inherently defective and do not perform safely as per user expectations, expectations created by Juul’s pervasive marketing. The lawsuit states claims that the Juul products deliver high doses of nicotine that far outweigh any claimed benefits. Juul is accused of a failure to adequately and properly warn potential users about the dangers in Juul as well as negligence in the manufacture, labeling, and promotion of its highly addictive products. Further, the company will not recall the devices despite the high risk of stroke in the young users it targets; the complaint notes that the Juul devices and pods are unsafe for anyone under 26, delivering as they do the equivalent of two full packs of old-style cigarettes with each single Juul pod.

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