JUUL Teen Vaping Injuries & Improper Marketing

Lieff Cabraser represents multiple plaintiffs who suffered devastating lung, stroke, and other cardiovascular injuries from their use of Juul e-cigarettes. The lawsuits allege Juul Labs, Inc. manufactures and markets unsafe and inherently defective products in marked contrast to Juul’s vast, pervasive, and deceptive marketing as well as failure to warn users about Juul dangers, negligence in the manufacture, labeling, and promotion of its highly addictive products, and improperly enticing youths to consume e-cigarettes so as to build a new market of nicotine-addicted consumers. In December 2019, Lieff Cabraser partner Sarah R. London was named Co-Lead Counsel for Plaintiffs in the nationwide multidistrict Juul e-cigarette fraud and injury litigation.

In September 2020, Lieff Cabraser filed a subsequent federal lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Colorado against JLI, Altria, and culpable managing and director defendants on behalf of the Boulder Valley School District for violations of Colorado law and of the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”) as well as negligence and nuisance laws relating to the companies’ creation and youth-targeted marketing of a new nicotine delivery product to maximize profits through addiction. Lieff Cabraser also represents the State of Hawaii and the Yurok Tribe in their related actions regarding Juul e-cigarettes.

January 2023 Case Update

In December 2022, four major settlements with Juul Labs were announced that will provide needed relief for individuals, local government entities, and Native American tribes. The four settlements resolve the personal injury, consumer class action, government entity, and tribal cases brought in the MDL and the JCCP.

  • The personal injury settlement will provide meaningful compensation to people suffering from nicotine addiction and other injuries.
  • The consumer class action settlement will remunerate consumers who purchased JUUL products.
  • The government entity settlement will provide resources to school districts, cities, and counties to abate youth nicotine addiction in their communities; and
  • The tribal settlement will provide similar much-needed funding for Native American tribes.

Litigation continues as to the Altria defendants, which includes the San Francisco Unified School District bellwether trial which began in April 2023 in the federal MDL and has been the focus of significant media attention.

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