Labcorp/Meta Invasion of Patient Privacy Investigation

Lieff Cabraser’s Cybersecurity Practice group is investigating Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (“Labcorp”) and Meta (i.e., Facebook) for improperly disclosing and sharing users’ Facebook IDs along-side search queries users enter into Labcorp’s website. Labcorp and Meta do this via a secretly embedded tracking cookie on Labcorp’s website, called a “Pixel,” which sends personal information from the Labcorp website users to Meta. This information is sensitive, and includes searches users make concerning private medical issues that is tied to their identities. Labcorp and Meta profit from this data and use it in a variety of ways, including for targeted advertising. This conduct is illegal.

If you have a Facebook account and have ever used Labcorp’s website, your data may have been improperly shared by Labcorp with Meta in direct violation of the law. We urge you to contact a lawyer in Lieff Cabraser’s nationally-recognized Cybersecurity/Data Privacy practice group today to learn more about your legal rights and potential recovery.

About Lieff Cabraser’s Cybersecurity Practice Group

Lieff Cabraser’s Privacy & Cybersecurity practice group is a nationally-recognized leader in the pursuit of preserving people’s privacy against the pervasive intrusions of digital technology into all aspects of our daily lives. We have a proven track record of successfully taking on the powerhouses of Big Data and social media. The Privacy & Cybersecurity practice group’s honors include the National Law Journal’s 2019 Elite Trial Lawyers award for privacy and data breach litigation and Law360’s 2017 Data Privacy Practice Group of the Year.

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