Bloomberg’s newest podcast, The Pay Check, analyzes the human toll of getting paid less for the same work

Media giant Bloomberg is starting a new podcast entitled “The Pay Check,” focusing on gender pay disparaties and their persistence in the workplace. Styled as an in-depth miniseries, the programs will also examine “the human toll of getting paid less for the same work.” The first episode of this new podcast series includes a discussion of Chen-Oster v. Goldman Sachs, wherein Lieff Cabraser serves as Co-Lead Counsel for plaintiffs in a gender discrimination class action lawsuit against Goldman Sachs alleging Goldman Sachs has engaged in systemic and pervasive discrimination against its female professional employees in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and New York City Human Rights Law. The podcast includes interviews with Lieff Cabraser partner and co-lead Goldman Sachs case counsel Kelly M. Dermody, Chair of the firm’s Employment Law practice group, with two of the case plaintiffs, and with an expert statistician in the case.

Bloomberg recently profiled the Goldman Sachs gender discrimination case in a lengthy article. The complaint in the case charges that, among other things, Goldman Sachs pays its female professionals less than similarly situated males, disproportionately promotes men over equally or more qualified women, and offers better business opportunities and professional support to its male professionals.

In March of 2018, the Court issued an order certifying the plaintiffs’ damages class under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure Rule 23(b)(3). The judge certified plaintiffs’ claims for both disparate impact and disparate treatment discrimination, relying on statistical evidence of discrimination in pay, promotions, and performance evaluations, as well as anecdotal evidence of Goldman’s hostile work environment. In so ruling, the court also granted plaintiffs’ motion to exclude portions of Goldman’s expert evidence as unreliable, and denied all of Goldman’s motions to exclude plaintiffs’ expert evidence.

Learn more about the Goldman Sachs gender discrimination lawsuit.

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