Second and final fund-raising challenge starts today – we have one week to raise as much money as possible our our voting page to win our spot of choice in the event lineup!

As the Family Violence Appellate Project’s 2018 Banding Together benefit fast approaches, the final fundraising challenge has begun. Donate now to help Lieff Cabraser’s rock and roll superstars The R-23s clinch a primo spot in the event’s evening lineup! Donation dollars are votes, and in addition to propelling The R-23s to a desired spot in the evening lineup, your votes will be donated directly to FVAP and are 100% tax-deductable.

Only the 2 bands that win this challenge will get to choose their spot in the lineup. All other spots will be assigned. The band that comes in first for this challenge will get to choose their spot first, and the second-place band will get to choose from the 7 remaining spots.

Come see the show Wednesday night June 20 and help cheer the band on to another victory! 

About the Event

Banding Together to End Domestic Violence is an annual attorney battle-of-the-bands fundraiser that takes place every summer in both San Francisco (June) and Los Angeles (July) to benefit Family Violence Appellate Project (FVAP), the only legal aid nonprofit in California dedicated to helping low-income survivors of domestic violence by appealing dangerous trial court decisions on their behalf, for free. FVAP is dedicated to empowering survivors, helping them get the safety and justice they deserve, and overturning court decisions that put and their children at risk of ongoing abuse. (Visit for more information.)

About The R-23s

Named the “Best Lawyer Band in the Bay” after playing their way to victory at the 2017 Family Violence Appellate Project “Battle of the Bands,” Lieff Cabraser’s R-23s play songs by The Clash, Otis Redding, Cream, Chuck Berry, and more as modern day inheritors of the spirit of classic rock and roll. The R-23s feature Elizabeth Cabraser on drums, Phong Nguyen on guitar, Elizabeth Schneider on guitar and keyboards, Djuna Gray on bass, Melissa Gardner on vocals and flute, Anthony McDaniel on vocals, and Taylor Evans on vocals. Don’t miss the chance to support a great cause and see them live on June 20th!
Lieff Cabraser's R-23s

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