Law360 has published an in-depth profile on Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein LLP after previously recognizing the firm as a 2019 Class Action Group of the Year. Law360’s piece highlights Lieff Cabraser’s commitment to battling moneyed corporations on behalf of consumers and winning big.

As noted by Elizabeth Cabraser, a partner at Lieff Cabraser and chair of its personal injury practice group, class actions have always taken precedence at the firm. Cabraser said the number of class actions the firm handles far outnumbers its individually brought lawsuits, and the firm has long aimed to support the everyday person.

“We believe in class actions as plaintiff empowerment actions, and we always have. We don’t see class actions as impersonal.” Cabraser said.

Law360 also highlights some of Lieff Cabraser’s biggest accomplishments from the past year including securing $250 million settlement with State Farm in a case alleging it paid to influence an Illinois Supreme Court justice.

In addition to the State Farm settlement, Lieff Cabraser secured final approval for a $115 million settlement with Anthem, one of the country’s leading health insurers, following a consumer data breach in 2015. The firm was also instrumental in reaching a deal for British Airways passengers worth $27 million in cash or $63 million in frequent flyer miles to resolve claims the airline offloaded unfair fuel surcharges onto its customers.

Lieff Cabraser partner David Stellings, who worked on the case, echoed Cabraser’s belief that class actions play a vital role for ordinary people seeking justice. He said when an everyday person lands in a legal battle — especially in cases of consumer fraud — class actions are often that person’s only recourse, financially speaking.

“I’m a lawyer, and I care deeply about justice,” he said. “And about fairness.”

Cabraser notes the firm is endeavoring to use technology to increase class participation — by making their attorneys more effective at communicating the details class members need to know.

“As class actions evolve, and the legal system evolves … that’s gotta be an improvement,” she said. “Because the law is one of the last areas — maybe medicine is another — in which we don’t communicate the way everybody else does now. I’m not suggesting that we can litigate via Twitter, but we can do a better job of providing more focused information on an ongoing basis.”

“That’s a never-ending job for lawyers,” she added. “To speak and write like human beings.”

Read the full profile here.

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