New article in Medium highlights Juul Stroke Injury lawsuit and includes commentary from Lieff Cabraser partner Sarah London

A new piece published in Marker, Medium’s business publication takes aim at ‘lawless’ startups, so-called “Daredevil Unicorns” worth a billion dollars or more, such as Uber, Airbnb, and Juul, who stand out for their unabashed readiness to break rules that almost everyone else observes and an “utter disregard for the societal rubble they leave behind.”

Noting that vaping giant Juul is rapidly facing strict regulation after the federal and local governments announced plans to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes, Marker writes “a martian could have told Juul’s founders to expect adversity if they carved out an unregulated slice of one of the most intensely scrutinized and litigated industries on the planet.” The plan to ban vape products came after hundreds of reported injuries and at least six deaths relating to lung illnesses caused by vape use.

Juul faces a high-stakes injury lawsuit by Maxwell Berger, a Connecticut man who suffered a massive hemorrhagic stroke after heavily vaping during his last year of high school in 2015. Berger has had to undergo three brain surgeries and today has “catastrophic and permanent injuries,” including paralysis on his left side. The suit includes allegations against Juul of wrongful conduct and misrepresentation of the risks of vaping in addition to improper teen marketing.

Lieff Cabraser partner Sarah R. London represents Berger, and told Marker, “Juul had folks who saw an incredible opportunity to recreate the magic of smoking, repackage, and redesign it, and work around the regulatory system built over 60 years.”

London’s client alleges that Juul intentionally and illegally marketed its products to the young. “It’s particularly insidious because of the company’s recklessness toward the health of an entire generation that should have been nicotine-free.” London concluded, “It is a story of immense greed, self-aggrandizement, and fraud.”

Read the full piece on Medium’s site.

About Sarah London

A member of the CAOC Convention Leadership Committee and a partner in Lieff Cabraser’s San Francisco office, Sarah London is a determined, skilled, and experienced advocate for the injured, employees, and consumers. She is experienced in all aspects of trial work, from drafting and arguing motions in limine, opposing Daubert challenges to plaintiffs’ experts and deposing defendants’ experts, and serving as lead trial counsel to writing successful post-trial and appellate briefs. Sarah’s case work involvement includes: the Florida Tobacco litigation, Zofran Infant Injury lawsuits, the Toyota Sudden Acceleration litigation, the Norvir antitrust case, and Pacific Fertility Clinic Egg and Embryo Preservation Failures. A Super Lawyers Rising Star for five consecutive years and 2015 finalist for the Consumer Attorneys of California Streetfighter of the Year Award, Sarah has held multiple leadership positions in CAOC.

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