Lieff Cabraser is currently investigating potential claims against Graco child booster seat manufacturer over allegations of fraud and dangerously deceptive marketing leading to child injuries

Earlier this year, Lieff Cabraser filed a lawsuit on behalf of parents who purchased Evenflo’s Big Kid Booster car seats alleging the company knew the seats were unsafe for smaller children yet aggressively marketed them across multiple child ages and sizes regardless. The complaint reports that Evenflo has known since 2012 or earlier that its Big Kid Booster Seat is not safe for children weighing less than forty pounds, and does not appreciably reduce the risk of serious injury or death from side-impacts or collisions. NBC-TV Nashville featured a report on the new lawsuit, including an interview with Lieff Cabraser partner Mark P. Chalos, lead attorney on the case.

The class action accuses Evenflo of aggressive and improper marketing of these unsafe booster seats, including allegations that Evenflo knew, even while it was making representations to consumers about the professed safety of its Big Kid Booster, that the seats were not safe, should not be used by children under forty pounds, and provided little to no side-impact protection.

A similarly disturbing fact pattern is emerging relating to Graco TurboBooster and Affix child booster seats. Parents who purchased these booster seats for their under-40-pound children claim Graco perpetrated a potentially lethal fraud in concealing information that the seats in question are unsafe for smaller kids.

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