Emerging data on coronavirus indicate radically heightened risks, particularly for young vapers and smokers

The New York Times reports that experts are warning the corona virus and its attendant respiratory disease are more easily contracted by and can cause elevated damage to the already-scarred lungs of smokers and vapers. Several new studies have found that smoking can double a person’s risk of severe covid-19 symptoms, and researchers are now reporting that young adults who vape are five times more likely to contract the coronavirus. There are also heightened concerns about other vape liquid additives such as Vitamin E acetate, which can further expose the lungs of vapers to toxins and foreign contaminants. This exposure weakens the body’s ability to fight diseases as airways become clogged and the flow of oxygen to the blood is impeded.

Smokers may also unwittingly make it easier for the virus to attack them due an increased production of ACE-2, a molecule that the coronavirus uses to break into the body. Additional authorities have noted that there is likely more than just biochemistry at play: People who vape often do it socially, sharing spaces and equipment. As the Times notes, “vaping, like smoking, involves a lot of hand-to-mouth movement, providing germs an easy path into the airways. What’s more, if you’re smoking or vaping, you’re not wearing a mask.”

Read the full article on enhanced dangers of vaping and smoking during coronavirus from The NY Times.

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