Ford Transit Van Giubo Drive Shaft/Transmission Component Defects

Ford Transit Van Giubo Defects

Lieff Cabraser is investigating complaints from owners of 2015-2017 Ford Transit Vans about what they feel are defective “giubo” flex discs that lead to wrecked transmissions and huge repair costs.

The giubo discs (often misspelled as “guibo discs” and also known as flex discs) are flexible couplings used to transmit rotational torque forces from the van engines to the drive shaft. Owners cite giubo coupling failures and complain that the components are defective. When the giubo flex discs deform, split, and fail, they tear apart the van transmission and drive shaft, leading to repairs commonly in excess of $10,000.

Ford Giubo Flex Disc Failures

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If you or your business own a 2015-2017 model Ford Transit Van and have experienced giubo degeneration, splitting, or other failure leading to drive shaft or transmission problems, we urge you to contact us to discuss your potential product defect case. There is no charge or obligation for our review of your case, and the information you provide will help us hold Ford accountable for any defects in the Transit vans and their flex discs.

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Giubo or Flex Discs

Giubo discs, also known as flex discs, are flexible couplings used to pass force from an engine to a drive shaft. They are commonly made of synthetic rubber whose malleability is designed to allow some angular misalignment while reducing driveline vibration in power transmission applications. “Giubo” is a contraction of the Italian word “giunto” for joint or coupling and the name of Antonio Boschi, the Engineer who designed the first flex discs.

Lieff Cabraser Announces $67 Million Settlement for Consumers in BP Solar Panels Class Action

Solar panels on house roof

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Attorney Robert J. Nelson of the national plaintiffs’ law firm Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP, announced today the settlement of consumer claims relating to allegedly defective solar panels manufactured and sold by BP Solar and Home Depot. The Settlement has been well-received: close to 900 claims have been filed since preliminary approval was granted in September 2016, and no class member has objected to the Settlement terms. Information on the settlement is available on the BP Solar Panel settlement website. [Read more…]

Lieff Cabraser: Consumer Product Safety Commission Recalls 2.8 Million Samsung Top-Loading Washing Machines Over Explosion Risks

CPSC Recalls 2.8 Million Samsung Top-Loading Washing Machines Over Explosion Risks

SAN FRANCISCO – The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), with the cooperation of Samsung, is recalling 2.8 million of Samsung’s top-loading washing machines in the wake of over 700 reports of exploding washing machines resulting in at least nine injuries. The recall covers 34 of Samsung’s top-loading models sold from March 2011 through November 2016. [Read more…]

Judge Refuses to Dismiss Fitbit Heart Rate Inaccuracy Lawsuit

Judge Refuses to Dismiss Fitbit Heart Rate Inaccuracy Lawsuit

Judge Susan Illston of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has denied Fitbit’s request to dismiss the lawsuit over the claimed inaccuracy of its PurePulse™ heart rate technology within its popular fitness trackers. The fraud class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of consumers nationwide against Fitbit, Inc. over allegations that the company’s heart rate monitors – the Fitbit Blaze, the Charge HR and the Fitbit Surge – fail to accurately measure user heart rates. Heart rate monitors are used by athletes and others who need to reach or not exceed target heart rates. The use of monitors reporting inaccurate heart rates can lead to serious consequences. [Read more…]

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New Independent Study Confirms Inaccuracy of Fitbit Heart Rate Monitors

New Independent Study Confirms Inaccuracy of Fitbit Heart Rate Monitors

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Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic Heart and Vascular Institute, the top-ranked heart hospital in the nation, announced the results of new independent testing on a range of wrist-worn heart rate monitors, confirming the findings in previous studies that the PurePulse™ technology used in Fitbit’s popular fitness trackers is wildly inaccurate during moderate and high-intensity exercise. Dr. Marc Gillinov, the Cleveland Clinic cardiac surgeon who led that testing, noted that “as people exercised, the accuracy [of the products] diminished” and concluded that the Fitbit devices “had suboptimal accuracy during moderate exercise.” Moreover, Dr. Gillinov noted that “as people moved, the study had readings that could be off by 30 and 40 bpm, so it’s not a small difference.” [Read more…]

Lieff Cabraser Nashville Attorneys Help Win OK for Moldy Washer Settlement

Nashville Attorneys Help Win Moldy Washer Settlement

Lieff Cabraser trio part of case covering 5 million+ washers

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CPSC Warning: Samsung Washing Machines Are Exploding

CPSC Warning: Samsung Washing Machines Are Exploding

Lieff Cabraser represents Samsung washer owners in a federal lawsuit in New Jersey alleging that some Samsung top-loading washing machines explode in owners’ homes, causing damage to walls, doors, and other equipment and presenting significant injury risks. Users have reported Samsung top-load washers exploding as early as the day of installation, while other owners have seen their machines explode months or even more than a year after purchase.

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$67 Million Settlement Proposed in BP Solar Panel Case

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A proposed $67 million settlement has been reached between BP LLC and a consumer class of solar panel owners who claim the oil company sold defective solar panels to California residents. The claimed flaw was in the junction box component of the products, which caused the solar panels to fail, resulting in loss of electric current and risk of fire. These solar panels cannot be repaired and therefore must be removed and replaced. [Read more…]

KOMO News: Whirlpool & LG Washer Mold Claim Periods Continue

KOMO News: Whirlpool & LG Washer Mold Claim Periods Continue

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