Historic Environmental Justice Case Settled Against the Alabama Department of Public Health

As reported by Reuters, the Biden administration recently announced a groundbreaking environmental justice agreement in Alabama, addressing racial discrimination against Black residents of Lowndes County. The first-of-its kind settlement comes after an 18-month federal probe revealed that the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) failed to provide adequate sewage systems and imposed fines on residents

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Final Approval Granted to $48.95M Knorr Wabtec Railway Industry Employee No-Poach Antitrust Settlement

On August 26, 2020, Judge Joy Flowers Conti of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania granted final approval to a settlement of the labor antitrust litigation filed by Lieff Cabraser and co-counsel on behalf of railway workers who alleged an illegal scheme by Knorr and Wabtec to improperly avoid hiring each other’s employees to artificially suppress compensation and competition in the related job market.

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Lieff Cabraser Files Amicus Brief to Help Economically Disadvantaged Public School Students Receive CARES Act Funding

On August 28, 2020, Lieff Cabraser filed an amicus brief on behalf of public school students from California, Georgia, Texas, and Virginia challenging an unlawful restriction imposed by US Department of Education and Secretary Betsy DeVos on over $16 billion in funds that Congress allocated to schools under the Coronavirus Aid,

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