Last Thursday, eighteen legal professional bands, including Lieff Cabraser’s powerhouse R-23s, came together to perform at the first ever livestreamed Law Rocks-apalooza concert fundraising event for local Bay Area nonprofits. The R-23s rocked out in support of The East Bay Community Law Center and Open Door Legal, two organizations that are providing critical legal services during a difficult time, particularly for low-income communities. The R-23s were able to raise $12,010 toward the event’s total contribution of over $143,000 to help those in need!

Law Rocks Global has toured the Bay Area every year since 2013. This unique concert event plays to cheering crowds of legal professionals and friends and has raised over $600,000 to date for amazing local nonprofit organizations. Each band of rock star lawyers participating at the Law Rocks concert also gets to choose a local nonprofit organization for which it will raise additional funds. This year’s first ever virtual event featured over 20 celebrity guests, including Smokey Robinson, Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, and Funk legend George Clinton, who introduced the R-23s.

The event’s rebroadcast starts today for original ticket holders and can be viewed online until the on-demand stream ends Sunday at 3pm ET/12pm. Check back here for an updated link to view The R23’s video soon.

About Law Rocks

Law Rocks’ mission is to promote music education for underprivileged youth and raise funds for local nonprofit organizations by combining the power of music and the generosity of the global legal community. Law Rocks supports their mission by putting on epic battle of the band fundraising concerts in cities around the world, which star legal professionals-turned-rockstars. Learn more at

About The East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC)

The East Bay Community Law Center’s mission is to promote justice and build a community that is more secure, productive, healthy, and hopeful by providing:

  • Legal services and policy advocacy that are responsive to the needs of low-income communities, and
  • Law training that prepares future attorneys to be skilled and principled advocates who are committed to addressing the causes and conditions of racial and economic injustice and poverty.

About Open Door Legal

Open Door Legal is pioneering the country’s first system of universal access to civil legal representation. Our goal is to show that when everyone has access to the law, poverty will be dramatically reduced.

Our model of universal access is scalable, sustainable, and the most cost-effective way to address poverty.

Over the next few years we plan to expand citywide, making San Francisco the first city in the country with universal access. We also hope to become a model for national replication, and want to have a systemic impact on how we, as a society, ensure justice for the poor.

About The R-23s

Named the “Best Lawyer Band in the Bay” after playing their way to victory at the 2020 & 2019 Family Violence Appellate Project “Battle of the Bands,” Lieff Cabraser’s R-23s play songs by The Clash, Otis Redding, Cream, Chuck Berry, and more as modern day inheritors of the spirit of classic rock and roll. The R-23s feature Melissa Gardner on flute/vocals, Djuna Gray on bass, Elizabeth Cabraser on drums, Mark Chalos on piano/organ, Phong-Chau Nguyen on guitar/vocals/glockenspiel, Anthony McDaniel on lead vocals, Elizabeth Schneider on guitar, and Jordan Elias on saxophone.

Lieff Cabraser’s The R-23s: Banding Together To End Domestic Violence 2017

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