Congratulations to The R-23s, and to all the musicians “Banding Together” who raised nearly $118,000 for the Family Violence Appellate Project towards its fight to save victims of domestic violence in California and help them thrive. (It’s worth noting that the original goal was $100,000, which was reached before the show even started, and then the community promptly pushed past that to reach $117,913 with five-plus hours left to reach the updated $120,000 goal!).

As if all this weren’t reward enough, The R-23s won the coveted Judge’s Choice Award for best performance! Our firm also came in third overall in total fundraising!

You can view a clip of the band performing here.

The video imagery is bold and striking, the band looks amazing, and the two-hit rock ‘n roll punch of Love Train/Have Love, Will Travel is not only thematically pure, it’s sonically transcendent. This video was The R23’s entry in the Family Violence Appellate Project’s 2021 “Banding Together” virtual rock show.

Way to go LCHB!
Way to go The R-23s!

The R-23s are:

Phong-Chau Nguyen, DJ Gray, Melissa Gardner, Mark Chalos, Anthony McDaniel, and Elizabeth Cabraser.

Again, congratulations to all and thanks to the band and everyone who watched!

About the Family Violence Appellate Project (FVAP)

The Family Violence Appellate Project is transforming the power of the civil legal system and leveling the playing field for survivors of domestic violence. In many cases, survivors have also suffered financial abuse and cannot afford to appeal a trial court decision that puts them or their children in danger. At FVAP, we believe justice should be available to everyone, not just those who can afford it. We partner with pro bono attorneys from California’s top law firms and corporate legal teams to provide free, high-quality legal representation to survivors, giving them the best possible chance at success in their appeal. We win 74% of the affirmative appeals we bring to court on behalf of CA survivors — far above the statewide average of 20% — and 100% of appeals we defend.


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