On Monday, February 27, 2023, Lieff Cabraser partner Dean M. Harvey will speak on the IFSEA webinar panel entitled “The Rise and Demise of the Non-Compete?”

The panel comes in the wake of the FTC proposing a ban on non-competition covenants in employment agreements. This would have a significant impact on senior executives and founders, and their businesses, in the USA and around the world. This program will examine these developments, as panelists discuss the specifics of the FTC proposal and consider the consequences for:

  • Executives around the world who are working for US headquartered businesses or under US employment contracts
  • Individuals who participate in US and global incentive plans with good/bad leaver provisions conditioned on compliance with non-competition provisions
  • Founders who are subject to a non-competition clause as part of the terms of sale of their stake in the business

The International Forum of Senior Executive Advisers (IFSEA) is the leading international thought-leadership group focused on the needs of Senior Executives and Founders in all their risk, reward, regulatory and reputation management areas. It provides the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience, learn and network with Executives, Founders and their specialist advisers across disciplines and across the world.

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About Dean Harvey

A partner in Lieff Cabraser’s San Francisco office, Dean M. Harvey represents individuals and companies in antitrust, business tort, employment, and intellectual property litigation. His cases seek to remedy and prevent wrongful conduct by dominant firms. These precedent-setting lawsuits concern a wide variety of industries and markets. Remedies include reimbursing purchasers who have overpaid for price-fixed products; preventing monopolists from stifling innovation and eliminating competition; and obtaining damages for businesses, inventors, and copyright owners.

Mr. Harvey was a leader in the High-Tech Antitrust class action against Google, Apple, Intel and other tech giants for allegedly conspiring to suppress the mobility and compensation of their technical employees. This landmark case resulted in the largest recovery (by far) of any class action asserting antitrust claims in the employment context: $435 million. Mr. Harvey continues the fight to ensure that employees receive competitive compensation, currently representing a doctor in a class action alleging an unlawful no-hire agreement between the medical schools of Duke University and the University of North Carolina.

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