Law360 has selected Lieff Cabraser attorney Avery Halfon to serve as one of the lawyers on its 2023 Consumer Protection Editorial Advisory board.

Law360’s editorial advisory boards are intended “to get feedback on Law360‘s coverage and gain insight from top experts in the field on how best to shape future coverage.” Board members also provide Law360‘s reporters with an additional pool of potential story ideas and commentary sources.

About Avery Halfon

Avery Halfon is an associate in Lieff Cabraser’s New York office, where he represents victims of corporate greed, negligence, and other misconduct. He litigates on behalf of groups injured through deceptive overcharge schemes, harmful products, sexual abuse, discrimination, and more. His cases with Lieff Cabraser have successfully subjected national banks to state consumer protection laws, defeated major telecoms’ attempts to force arbitration and immunize themselves from customer accountability, and won more than $300 million for class members.


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