Modern Counsel has profiled Lieff Cabraser partner Rachel Geman in an insightful piece entitled, Rachel Geman Takes on Dangerous Myths. The profile highlights Geman’s dedication to fighting fraud and unjust systems, and advocating for plaintiffs in a variety of complex cases.

Fraud, according to Geman, is a common theme that connects all of Lieff Cabraser’s practice areas. “There’s definitely the fraud and also how it’s justified,” she notes  “blaming someone who didn’t have the endless hours needed to try to reverse a charge or treatment denial that was nonsense to begin with… Blaming someone who got dinged for not divining or being able to access unwritten rules that weren’t created for them, who didn’t understand a convoluted item on page forty-two of a take-or-leave ‘contract’—heck, who ate the processed foods that stock our stores. Essentially, for being an actual person, and not a late-capitalist fever dream notion of ‘consumer/worker’ who incidentally resides in the body of a human.”

Geman is passionate about representing individuals against large entities responsible for corporate fraud. Her experience spans from securing one of the largest gender discrimination settlements to representing the Authors Guild in a class action lawsuit against OpenAI.

As Chair of Lieff Cabraser’s False Claims/Qui Tam practice group, she has demonstrated her prowess in representing whistleblowers and taking on corporate giants such as AbbVie, Bank of America, Plaid, and Wells Fargo. Her work in this arena not only exemplifies her legal acumen but also her dedication to ethical business practices and government integrity.

With respect to false claims suits involving fraud on the government, Geman explains that there is a trend toward cases where individual whistleblowers, represented by firms like Lieff Cabraser, litigate on behalf of the government. “It used to be that if the government did not intervene in a False Claims Act [FCA] case, the case was functionally over,” she says. “Now the prospect of the whistleblower handling the case for the government is a regular part of the conversation. With the right case, my FCA colleagues and I are chomping at the bit to litigate.”

Read Rachel’s full profile on Modern Counsel’s site.

About Rachel Geman

Rachel Geman is a partner in Lieff Cabraser’s New York office and the Chair of the firm’s False Claims/Qui Tam practice group. Her practice is dedicated to representing whistleblowers, employees, and consumers in complex class action and False Claims Act matters. Rachel is the employee-side Chair of the ABA’s Workplace and Occupational Safety and Health Law Committee; the Chair of the NELA/NY amicus committee; and a CDRC-trained community mediator.


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