Daniel E. Seltz

Daniel E. Seltz is a partner based in New York with a practice focused on consumer protection, antitrust, and financial fraud cases.

Daniel is currently involved in several pending federal cases in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, and Mississippi, in which plaintiffs allege that certain natural gas companies underpaid gas royalties to the owners of the gas. In one case that settled, royalty owners recovered approximately 95% of the damages they suffered. In addition, Daniel is involved in the litigation involving alleged overcharges in foreign currency exchange transactions by BNY Mellon as a custodian for pension funds. On September 24, 2015, the Court granted final approval to a $335 million settlement, which combined with settlements with other government and regulatory agencies, will result in total compensation to BNY Mellon’s customers of $504 million.

He has also worked on several cases involving alleged pharmaceutical marketing fraud, including participating on the trial team in a case against Pfizer Inc. for violating a federal anti-racketeering law by promoting its drug Neurontin for unapproved uses. The Neurontin jury returned a $142 million verdict in favor of our clients, and the Court approved a class settlement of $325 million in 2014.

Before joining our firm, Daniel served as Law Clerk to Honorable John T. Nixon, U.S. District Court, Middle District of Tennessee, 2003-04.

Daniel has written extensively on politics and fair elections as well as participated as a panelist on the practical aspects of litigation.