Annuity Fraud

Lieff Cabraser is a national law firm that represents consumers throughout the United States in fraud and misrepresentation lawsuits, including cases where consumers are subjected to unfair or deceptive practices relating to annuity products.

We are currently investigating reports of undisclosed sales commissions being charged in annuity financial products, as well as allegations of other unfair and deceptive practices by certain insurance companies, including EquiTrust Life, American Equity, Midland National Life, and North American Company for Life and Health, all marketers of annuity products. Customers may not be aware that they have been subjected to commissions and other fees insufficiently, incompletely, or deceptively disclosed in annuity sales and marketing materials. These alleged deceptions can significantly reduce customers’ earnings in the annuity products they purchased.

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If you have purchased an annuity issued by EquiTrust Life Insurance Company, American Equity, Midland National Life Insurance Company, or North American Company for Life and Health, and believe you may have been charged unexpected commissions or fees or been subjected to other unfair practices that may have reduced your annuity earnings, we invite you to complete the contact form on this page.

The information you provide will assist us in learning of the full extent of the alleged fraud and in obtaining damages for affected customers, including all profits that may have been unjustly earned by the companies. We will review your complaint for free and without any obligation on your part.

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