DIRECTV TCPA Debt Collection Lawsuit

Lieff Cabraser represents a certified class of consumer plaintiffs in a federal class action lawsuit against DIRECTV over allegations the company violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) by directing debt collection companies to make calls using a prerecorded voice to people who were not DIRECTV customers from May 2008 to the present. In February 2021, notice was sent via email and public advertisements to potential class members who are included in the class action lawsuit that the Central District of California certified in March 2019. More information about the lawsuit and the notice sent to the class is available at

These unwanted phone calls were conducted using a prerecorded voice and were made by debt collection companies acting as agents for DIRECTV to seek payment for alleged past due DIRECTV bills. The complaint charges that DIRECTV violated the TCPA, a federal law which prohibits abusive telephone practices, and places strict limits on the use of prerecorded voices to call cell phones.

The lawsuit alleges that between May 2008 and the present, DIRECTV hired 20 debt collection companies to make debt collection calls regarding over 7 million customer accounts. The suit’s named plaintiff alleges she received calls using a prerecorded voice to her cell phone on DIRECTV’s behalf though she was never a DIRECTV customer.

The class certified by the court in this suit consists of consumers who were never DIRECTV customers but nonetheless received a debt collection call from DIRECTV or on DIRECTV’s behalf from May 2008 to the present.

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