Servicemember and Military Debt Scams

Issue: Fraud against military personnel

Servicemember Consumer Protection: Predatory Lending, Military Debt Scams, and Other Consumer Fraud Against Military Personnel

Lieff Cabraser assists consumers nationwide in bringing lawsuits to halt deceptive and unfair business practices, and to obtain compensation for their losses.

Sadly, some unscrupulous companies target members of the Amy, Navy, Air Force and other branches of the U.S. armed forces using advertising and sales pitches designed, among other frauds, to convince service men and women to purchase worthless services and products or take debt at outrageous interest rates. These scams place substantial financial strain on servicemembers and their families.

Predatory lending — often loans with interest rates from 200 to 500 percent — are common scams aimed at military members. Other types of financial fraud include:

  • Identity theft,
  • Debt collection abuse and harassment,
  • Auto fraud and deceptive auto financing practices,
  • Abusive payday lending,
  • Predatory mortgage lending, loan modification scams, and wrongful foreclosure,
  • Denial of credit availability or receiving a higher interest rate because of discrimination,
  • Predatory student loans and military sham schools, and
  • Military medication loan scams.

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