Rosetta Stone Subscription Renewal Overcharging Complaints Investigation

Lieff Cabraser is a national law firm that represents consumers, including in cases where the consumer was sold services at illegally inflated prices or that were deceptively advertised or marketed.

We are currently investigating complaints of alleged unfair and deceptive practices by Rosetta Stone, the foreign language education company, relating to automatic subscription renewals. Users report being subjected to hidden, inflated auto-renewal subscription charges that are far higher than the charges indicated and paid at the time of their initial subscription purchases. Consumers have also complained that the they were not sufficiently notified that their subscriptions would be renewed at all.

Contact Us

If you have purchased a subscription through Rosetta Stone and experienced unanticipated or inflated renewal charges, or other problems with your account, we invite you to complete the contact form on this page. The information you provide will assist us in learning of the full extent of the alleged fraud and in potentially obtaining damages, including all profits that may have been unjustly earned, from Rosetta Stone for their subscribers. We will review your complaint for free and without any obligation on your part.

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