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Issue: User data tracking & profiling

Numerous news outlets and security experts have reported that Verizon mobile subscribers’ web browsing was subject to tracking and profiling due to unique ID headers Verizon injected into its users’ browsing sessions. According to these reports, at least one third-party advertising firm used these codes to build consumer profiles for use in targeted advertising, without users’ knowledge. These codes effectively allow Verizon and third-party vendors to keep tracking visitors even after they work to delete their digital footprints, for example by deleting their cookies. These “supercookies” or “zombie cookies” appear to circumvent the data privacy settings that exist to protect consumers’ privacy online.

Contact National Consumer Attorneys About Your Verizon Privacy Violation

Lieff Cabraser is a national law firm that represents consumers in Internet privacy violation cases. As noted, it has been widely alleged that Verizon made its mobile subscribers vulnerable to covert tracking and profiling by third parties by injecting unique codes into subscribers’ browsing sessions. Security experts have reportedly found that at least one third party online advertising firm, Turn, Inc., has allegedly been tracking Verizon mobile subscribers using these unique codes.

If you had a Verizon data plan for your phone or tablet at any time from 2012-2014, we would be happy to provide you further information on your rights and remedies under the law. Please contact us by using the form below, or call us toll-free at 1 800 541-7358. There is no charge or obligation for our review of your Verizon privacy violation case.

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