Defective Kenmore Refrigerators with LG Electronics Compressors

Defective LG linear compressors are causing Kenmore refrigerators to stop cooling prematurely
• This alleged problem previously led LG to enter into a class action settlement for LG-branded refrigerators that excluded Kenmore refrigerators with the same part

Lieff Cabraser’s nationally-recognized defective product lawyers are investigating widespread reports of consumer complaints about Kenmore refrigerators that include compressor components from LG. The failure causes substantial property damage and the risk of personal injury from food spoilage.

“Some appliance defects are a fact of life, but defects such as these make a refrigerator inoperable, which can lead to personal injury and substantial expense. Consumers have a right to compensation and to be made whole,” notes Lieff Cabraser partner Jason Lichtman. “Our product defects team is investigating the LG component refrigerator complaints in detail, and is committed to ensuring that consumer complaints receive meaningful attention and that these critical failures are addressed as quickly as possible.”

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