Ram 1500 eTorque Stalling Complaints

Lieff Cabraser’s automotive defect team is investigating reports that owners and lessees of Ram 1500 pickup trucks are having serious stalling problems. Driver complaints indicate the Ram vehicles stall and shut off without warning while in motion. After stalling, the vehicles automatically engage the emergency brake.

Some Ram 1500 drivers describe their 1500s stalling at interstate highway speeds, while others have experienced Ram 1500 stalling issues at low speeds while initiating turns. Sudden engine stalls at any speed can create extremely hazardous road situations for drivers, passengers, occupants of other road vehicles, and pedestrians.

Concerned Ram 1500 drivers further report that when they brought their Ram 1500 trucks in for repair after experiencing a sudden stall, no codes appeared via the vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system (OBD) to indicate any issue, or showing that the vehicle had stalled. Even more frustrating are related reports that dealerships and repair shops state they cannot replicate the problem (or repair it), despite drivers experiencing the stall defect in their vehicles multiple times.

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