Tesla HVAC Mold Noxious Odor Complaints

Lieff Cabraser is investigating complaints from owners and lessees of Tesla vehicles that the HVAC systems in their Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model S, Model 3, and Model X cars emit foul musty odors into the passenger compartment. Tesla drivers report that there appears to be a serious design defect in their vehicles causing mold and mildew to accumulate in the HVAC system, causing extremely unpleasant odors to permeate the vehicles any time the air system is in use.

The alleged HVAC defect in Tesla cars appears to affect vehicles dating as far back as 2012. The model years in question are:

  • Tesla Model Y (2020-present)
  • Tesla Model S (2012-present)
  • Tesla Model 3 (2017-present)
  • Tesla Model X (2015-present)

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