Indian Tech Workers

Issue: Violation of employment laws

Lieff Cabraser represents Indian nationals and other non-U.S. citizens in class action lawsuits who have worked in the United States on H1-B or L-1 visas in information technology jobs. The lawsuits allege claims for breach of contract and violations of U.S. labor laws.

For example, in a lawsuit against the Indian corporations Tata Consultancy Services, Ltd, and Tata Sons, Ltd, citizens of India who were employed in high tech or IT jobs by Tata in the U.S. charged that Tata uniformly:

  1. Breached their standard employment contract by forcing employees sent to the U.S. to pay back to Tata their federal and state tax refunds and by deducting their separate Indian salary from their U.S. salary; and
  2. Deprived employees of earned wages and accurate wage statements in violation of state labor law.

In July 2013, the Court approved a $29.75 million settlement of the class action lawsuit against Tata.

Lieff Cabraser is investigating other Indian and American companies that may have also breached employment agreements and violated state labor laws for Indian employees sent or transferred to the U.S. The claims we are investigating include:

  1. Improper deductions of pay;
  2. Charging assessments and exorbitant fees for visa applications, recruitment, and other charges never disclosed or in breach of the employment agreement;
  3. Failure to provide overtime compensation, meal breaks, or rest breaks in accordance with state and federal law; and
  4. Failure to pay the amount promised in employment contracts, or H1-B or L-1 visa applications

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Current and former Indian software professionals, tech workers, and information technology (IT) service employees who wish to learn more about your legal rights under U.S. law or submit a complaint for a review of their case by an employment attorney at Lieff Cabraser should use the form below.

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