Stryker Corporation Underpays Sales Associates

Stryker Corporation allegedly has not paid its Sales Associates overtime, provided them mandated meal and rest breaks, and reimbursed them for business expenses while in Stryker’s grueling training program — a prerequisite to certification as a Sales Associate. Lieff Cabraser is investigating reports that Stryker underpays its Sales Associates during training. The reports involve sales employees who pitch and sell Stryker’s medical products across a range of medical specialties, including spine, trauma, and ENT.

Sales associates allege that Stryker did not pay overtime and other wages when they underwent months of robust training, often working over 70 hours per week. Despite the hard work of Sales Associates in training, Stryker failed to compensate its workers in violation of state and federal employment laws.

If you work or worked as a sales associate or sales representative for Stryker Corporation, please contact an employment rights lawyer at Lieff Cabraser today about your case. Statutes of limitation can limit or even cut-off your opportunity to get justice for your wage fraud and underpayment case, so we urge you to contact us immediately about your potential case and recovery.

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