Nursing Home Patients Unnecessary Drug Dosing

Residents claim they are being improperly labeled schizophrenic so insufficient staff can overmedicate them to leave them docile and manageable

Lieff Cabraser is investigating claims that nursing home staff at facilities across the U.S. are over medicating patients based on false and unfounded mental health diagnoses. An analysis of Medicare data has revealed that the share of nursing home residents being given a schizophrenia diagnosis has soared 70 percent since 2012, and a recent investigation by The New York Times has revealed that at least 21 percent of nursing home residents are on antipsychotic drugs. Often such residents may have no prior diagnosis of schizophrenia. This increase occurred after new rules required nursing homes to publicly disclose the number of their residents taking antipsychotics except when taking it for schizophrenia.

The Times further notes that these drugs are particularly dangerous for older people with dementia and can double their chance of death from heart problems, infections, falls, and other ailments, but that understaffed nursing homes may be using the sedatives in place of hiring sufficient staff to adequately care for their elderly residents, and may be improperly diagnosing schizophrenia to avoid scrutiny of this practice.

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