Medicare Fraud

What is the False Claims Act for Healthcare?

Many fraud-on-the-government lawsuits have brought to light and ended schemes designed to defraud the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Health care fraud comes in countless varieties, and the government has shown a strong interest in combating it. Some of the most common examples include:

  • Hospitals and doctors billing for services they did not provide, double billing, or purposely using codes that grant them higher reimbursement than they are owed (“upcoding”);
  • Encouraging the use of unnecessary tests as an excuse to bill the government;
  • Pharmaceutical companies promoting prescription drugs for “off-label” uses;
  • Kickbacks among health care providers in order to secure referrals or other business, which is often at issue when there are suspicious and excessive payments from pharmaceutical companies and medical suppliers to doctors; and
  • Providing false pricing data to the government in order to increase Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement amounts.

Assisting Individuals Expose Healthcare Fraud

Lieff Cabraser has extensive experience in prosecuting all types of health care fraud.

We helped obtain a $142 million jury verdict for the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan against Pfizer for fraudulent promotion of the prescription drug Neurontin. We also spearheaded groundbreaking and successful litigation against the largest hospital chain in California for fraudulent billing of anesthesia services, resulting in a record $46 million settlement under a unique California false claims (fraud on the government) statute.

We currently have many cases involving Medicare and Medicaid fraud under seal.

Fraud on the Government Attorneys

We have the resources, experience, and skill to appropriately investigate even the largest and most complex matters and take them all the way through trial. Learn more about our work in helping individuals expose fraud committed against the government and obtain significant recoveries.

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