Fraud Against the Government

Protecting Employees Who Expose Fraud Committed Against the Government

Lieff Cabraser’s nationally-recognized employment lawyers have secured justice for employees, and helped our clients change the workplace, in a wide variety of employment cases against some of the nation’s largest employers, including Walmart, Home Depot, IBM, Federal Express, Smith Barney, and Best Buy. We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in damages, back pay, and/or retirement benefits for workers.

Our employment lawyers are currently litigating precedent-setting class action lawsuits of national importance, including large gender discrimination cases against top Wall Street firms, claims that many of the nation’s largest technology companies have fixed and suppressed high-tech workers’ wages, and claims involving improper wage deductions, as well as ERISA claims on behalf of employees and retirees for pension plan abuses.

Our goal is not only to recover compensation for employees and job applicants who have suffered legal violations but also to require employers to comply with the law. We safeguard employees against retaliation, and understand the risks, and benefits, of exposing fraud or misconduct in the workplace.

Fraud Against the Government Case Lawyers

We represent individuals in a wide range of federal False Claims Act cases. We have the resources, experience, and skill to appropriately investigate even the largest and most complex matters and take them all the way through trial. Learn more about our work in helping individuals expose fraud committed against the government and obtain meaningful recoveries.

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Please use the form below to contact a False Claims Act lawyer at Lieff Cabraser regarding your fraud-on-the-government lawsuit, or call us toll-free at 1 800 541-7358. Our False Claims attorneys will promptly and confidentially review your inquiry without charge or obligation, and Lieff Cabraser agrees to protect your name and all confidential information you submit against disclosure, publication or unauthorized use to the full extent under the law.

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