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Each year in the United States there are more than 4 million workplace injuries and illnesses, resulting in nearly 6,000 fatalities. These include sprains, falls, back injuries, highway accidents and even homicides. While equipment defects and unsafe work environments are not involved in all of these cases, they are a significant cause of injury and death in both the private and public work sectors. It is an employer’s responsibility to maintain safe equipment and work environments for all employees.

As large as these numbers of fatalities and injuries are, they are likely far less than the total number of workplace injuries. According to a study published by the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, at least 68 percent of work-related injuries and illnesses that occurred annually in Michigan went underreported.

Legal Rights of the Injured

The law in most states provides individuals with legal claims and the right to compensation for injuries they suffer as a result of a defective product or the negligence of another. The injured person may file a lawsuit seeking compensation for his or her pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost past and future wages and punitive damages.

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