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Mitsubishi Vehicle Injury Lawsuits

Issue: Rollover dangers, side-impact safety deficiencies, visor defect problems, other safety concerns

Lieff Cabraser has successfully represented Mitsubishi drivers and passengers across the U.S., and families who lost loved ones, in lawsuits based on injuries that would not have occurred, or would have been substantially less harmful, but for manufacturing and design defects and related safety flaws in Mitsubishi’s SUVs and cars. These cases include accidents involving Mitsubishi Montero, Montero Sport, Eclipse, Endeavor, and Outlander models.

These cases brought claims by Mitsubishi owners alleging, among other defects, top-heavy design, inadequate roof strength, overly narrow tires, stronger window and seat restraint systems, and visors that could be shot like scythes through the passenger compartment as a result of airbag detonation, as well as claims that Mitsubishi should have included its enhanced electronic stability control systems as a standard vehicle feature far earlier than it ultimately did.

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Lieff Cabraser has successfully represented persons across the United States injured in rollover accidents and other vehicle crashes in individual personal injury lawsuits.

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    Further Information on Mitsubishi Defect Accidents and Injuries

    When a deadly accident occurs, responsibility is often placed on the driver, even when the driver was belted, sober, and driving prudently. In many cases, the true cause of a dangerous crash is auto manufacturer negligence or a manufacturing or design defect.

    In the case of SUV rollover accidents, it is important that you learn why the SUV rolled over and the full extent of your legal rights before accepting any blame for the accident. When the issue relates to poorly designed vehicle components like airbags or visors, or structural deficiencies in a particular model, it is similarly critical to get information on all factors relating to the accident, and to learn the design and manufacture background relating to your car or truck.

    In the normal course of driving, a driver may need to make a sudden turn or swerve to avoid an obstacle in the road. This should not turn into a life-threatening event. However, in SUVs, because they typically have a significantly higher center of gravity than other passenger vehicles, such maneuvers can cause the SUV to roll over. Newer model SUVs have ESC systems as standard equipment. This technology enables better traction on slippery surfaces or during cornering, often preventing rollover accidents.

    Mitsubishi developed its ESC system in the 1990’s. The complaints charge that Mitsubishi should have made its ESC system standard equipment in all of its SUVs by 2000. Instead, Mitsubishi waited the better part of a decade to add ESC as a standard feature. Only by 2008 did all new Mitsubishi SUVs come equipped with ESC. Some Mitsubishi SUVs were sold with ESC prior to 2008, but only as an optional feature. The technology was not added as standard feature to new Mitsubishi vehicles until 2008.

    Once an SUV begins to roll over, other defects in the vehicle can make the accident deadly. These defects include insufficient roof strength (leading to roof collapse), defective door latches, defective seat belts, the lack of laminated safety glass in windows, and the lack of curtain airbags.

    The Mitsubishi lawsuits charge that several Mitsubishi models lack sufficient roof strength. In rollover accidents involving these model vehicles, the roof collapsed, causing additional massive head, spine, and back injuries.

    Mitsubishi SUV and Car Accident Lawsuits: Focus on Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

    The following Mitsubishi SUVs did not include electronic stability control as a standard feature:

    • Endeavor: 2004-2007 2-WD
    • Montero: 1996-2002
    • Montero Sport: 1997-2004
    • Outlander: 2003-2006

    The following Mitsubishi cars and pickup trucks also did not include electronic stability control as a standard feature:

    • Eclipse Spyder: 2007-2009
    • Galant: 1994-2009
    • Lancer: 2002-2008
    • Raider Crew cab pickup: 2006-2009
    • Raider Extended cab pickup: 2006-2009

    Other Mitsubishi Vehicle Dangers and Mitsubishi Accident Issues

    Mitsubishi drivers have reportedly experienced dangerous and deadly accidents relating to alleged defects in vehicle visors, insufficient side-impact protection, seat back structural deficiencies, and other vehicle defect problems. Though Mitsubishi has issued safety and recall notices relating to its vehicles, often these alerts do not reach vehicle owners, particular in the case of secondary owners who purchase a used Mitsubishi from the original owner.