Personal Injury

Current Injury Cases

Accident Injuries

Diesel Exhaust and CancerCancer and other illnesses from diesel exhaust fumes
NFL Player Concussion InjuriesRepetitive head trauma
NHL Player Concussion InjuriesRepetitive head trauma

Aviation Disasters

Asiana Airlines Flight 214 CrashPilot and auto-pilot control design errors
How Aviation Disasters Are InvestigatedInformation page
Lieff Cabraser's Aviation CasesInformation page

Child & Infant Injuries

Zofran (ondansetron)Birth defect injuries

Medical Device Injuries

DePuy ASR Hip ImplantsFaulty metal hip implants
DePuy Attune Knee ImplantsFaulty knee implants
DePuy Pinnacle Hip ImplantsFaulty metal hip implants
Essure Birth ControlSerious injuries from birth control device
Hip Replacement Problems and RecallsDefective hip implants
IVC FiltersSerious injuries from implanted IVC filters
Mirena IUD Pseudotumor and Intracranial HypertensionSerious neurological injuries
Mirena IUD Perforation and MigrationUterine tearing and serious blood clots
Morcellator Hysterectomy Surgical ToolCancer spread and related dangers
Superbug CRE from Medical ScopesDeadly bacterial infections
Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II Metal Hip ImplantsFaulty metal hip implants
Vaginal Mesh and Bladder Sling MeshHigh rates of serious surgical complications
Wright Profemur Hip ImplantsFaulty metal hip implants
Zimmer Knee ImplantsFaulty knee implants
Zimmer Durom Cup Hip ImplantsFaulty metal hip implants

Prescription Drug Injuries

AbilifyGambling Addictions
ActosIncreased risk of bladder cancer
BenicarDangerous blood pressure side effects
Meningitis Infection OutbreakFungal meningitis from steroid injections
Risperdal & InvegaGynecomastia side effects
XareltoSerious bleeding dangers from drug side effects
Yaz, Yasmin & OcellaSerious blood clot side effect dangers
Mirena IUDUterine tearing, serious blood clots

Tobacco Litigation

Florida Tobacco InjuriesTobacco health dangers

Vehicle Defect & Accident Injuries

Automobiles and Carbon Monoxide PoisoningDefective smartkey ignition switches
Ford Cruise Control Switch FiresDefective cruise control switches
Ford ExplorerRollover accidents
GM Ignition Defect RecallDefective ignition control switches
Jeep Fuel Tank FiresFires from defective fuel tanks
Kia Spectra, Sportage & Rio SUV FiresFuel tank explosions
Mitsubishi SUV RolloversRollover accidents
Park-to-Reverse AccidentsTransmission defects
Takata Airbag RecallDefective airbags
Toyota Sudden AccelerationSudden acceleration accidents