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Child Cerebral Palsy

Background on Cerebral Palsy & Developmental Delay Injuries

Cerebral palsy is a neurological condition that affects approximately 10,000 babies born each year in the US. Usually diagnosed by age 3, cerebral palsy is a condition that drastically affects a baby’s coordination and movement. Caused by an interruption or abnormality in a child’s brain development, cerebral palsy can occur as a result of errors or negligence during childbirth.

Factors Behind Induced Cerebral Palsy in Hospitals

The reasons a child might develop cerebral palsy include random genetic mutation, maternal infection, or fetal stroke or fetal asphyxiation (lack of oxygen to the brain) occurring during the birth and delivery process. Palsy and developmental delays can also occur as a result of infant infection, or traumatic head injury.

Resources for Parents

There are numerous resources available to parents of developmentally delayed children and children suffering from cerebral palsy. A full list appears below under our contact form.

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