Personal Injury & Mass Tort Successes

Wright Medical Profemur Hip InjuriesConfidential settlements2014
Simply Thick Recall LawsuitConfidential settlement2014
Zimmer Hip InjuriesConfidential settlements2012
AMO Lens SolutionConfidential settlement2011
Guillot v. DaimlerChrysler$7.2 million verdict2010
Medtronic Heart Lead RecallSettlement2010
Mraz v. DaimlerChrysler$54 million verdict2009
Blood FactorConfidential settlements2009
ReNu with MoistureLocConfidential settlement2009
Yamaha RhinoNew safety features added to vehicles2009
Flash Airlines Boeing 737 Air DisasterConfidential settlement2009
Guidant Defibrillators$240 million settlement2008
Bextra / Celebrex$850 million in settlements2008
Vioxx$4.85 billion settlement2007
BaycolConfidential settlements2006
Fen-Phen Diet DrugsOver $4 billion in settlements (ongoing)2005
Legend Small Plane CrashConfidential settlement2005
Tri-State Crematory$37 million settlement2004
Sulzer Hip & Knee Implants$1 billion settlement2002
Telectronics Pacing Systems$58 million settlement2001
Vanderbilt Radiation Exposure$10.3 million settlement1998
Multi-State Tobacco Suits and Master Settlement$42 billion settlement1998
Albuterol$150 million settlement1995
Silicone Gel Breast ImplantsOver 100,000 women have received settlement awards1995

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