Google Tracking Complaints Lawsuit

In August 2018, Lieff Cabraser filed a federal class action lawsuit against Google based on user complaints that Google persists in tracking Android and iPhone users’ movements and activities even after users attempt to engage privacy settings in their Google accounts that are supposed to explicitly prevent Google from such tracking. The lawsuit seeks damages as well as a court order demanding that Google destroy all data captured from its geolocation tracking technology of the plaintiff and class members.

Privacy researchers have recently confirmed that the internet search and advertising giant uses your location history even if “Location History” is turned off on your mobile devices. The reports indicate that Google tells users they can “turn off Location History at any time,” such that “the places you go are no longer stored.” But researchers at Princeton University determined that’s just not true: even with location history disabled, some Google apps nevertheless automatically store time-stamped location data without alerting users that they are doing so.

Reports indicate that Google’s privacy-violative behavior affects some two billion users of devices running Google’s Android system as well as hundreds of millions of iPhone users who rely on Google search and map applications. Critics of Google’s practices say Google’s insistent and apparently inescapable tracking serves to boost its enormous advertising revenues, while users point out inconsistencies and even outright deceptions in Google’s communications about its location-tracking and storing practices.

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