Lieff Cabraser Announces That Plaintiffs Substantially Defeat Motion to Dismiss California Bail Bonds Antitrust Litigation

Lawsuit Brought by Lieff Cabraser and Public Interest Groups Contends Insurance Companies Conspired to Inflate Bail Bond Premiums

First-of-its-kind class action antitrust case brought by Lieff Cabraser and Justice Catalyst Law, Public Counsel, the National Consumer Law Center, and Towards Justice alleging that insurance companies in California conspired to unlawfully inflate California bail bond premiums will move forward to discovery and trial

On April 13, 2020, Judge Jon S. Tigar of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California issued an Order rejecting an argument by 28 members of the California bail bonds industry that they are immune from liability under state and federal law for an alleged antitrust conspiracy to fix the price of bail bond premiums. The lawsuit, brought by Shonetta Crain and Kira Serna on behalf of a proposed class of California bail bond purchasers, alleges that arrested people and their family members paid inflated prices for bail bonds due to an illegal conspiracy by sureties, California bail agencies, bail industry associations, and two individual defendants “to keep default premium rates fixed at 10%, advertise them as legal minimums, and prevent discounting or rebating as much as possible” to effectively fix the price of bail bonds in California. [Read more…]