LCHB Partner Sarah London provides update on CooperSurgical litigation in

Sarah London was recently featured in a Connecticut Law Tribune article outlining the state of play in the litigation against CooperSurgical over its defective IVF solution and reinforcing our commitment to our clients’ interests in and out of the courtroom. To learn more, read the article here:

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The New York Times Highlights Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein IVF Clients

On February 15th, Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein filed a lawsuit on behalf of clients Zachary and Kearsten Walden against CooperSurgical, a prominent leader in the global infertility treatment market. After a decade of struggling with infertility, the Waldens turned to IVF and were optimistic about growing their family. Unfortunately, a defective solution manufactured by CooperSurgical

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Couple Whose Embryos Were Destroyed By Defective IVF Product Seek Justice Against Manufacturer CooperSurgical

Plaintiffs are the first to come forward publicly following CooperSurgical’s tragic failures that have devastated countless families nationwide SAN FRANCISCO – Kearsten and Zachary Walden today filed a lawsuit against CooperSurgical, Inc. and its parent company, The Cooper Companies, alleging its defective embryo culture media – the solution in which embryos are stored and developed

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