Judge Orders Partial Lift on Trump Administration Ban on Refugee Immigration

Immigration ban partially suspended

U.S. District Court Judge James Robart (Western District of Washington) has issued a preliminary injunction suspending the Trump administration’s directive that was operating to stop the unification of refugees with their families (“following to join” refugees) already located in the United States and also operating to suspend the admission of other refugees from 11 specific countries (including 7 identified in the administration’s original “Muslim ban” executive order) to the extent those refugees already have a relationship to a person or entity in the U.S. Lieff Cabraser has been working to assist the Washington American Civil Liberties Union in organizing arguments from the extensive amicus briefing, a project that is expected to continue on appeal. [Read more…]

Public Justice Director Paul Bland On Recent Immigration Executive Orders

Visa and green card

Writing for Daily Kos, Public Justice’s Executive Director Paul Bland makes a cogent and reasoned argument in favor of allowing class treatment for individuals harmed by recent Executive Orders restricting immigration into the U.S. “While the Administration has grouped all Muslim immigrants and refugees from these seven countries together for the purposes of denying them entry into the United States, it doesn’t want them grouped together when they try to go to court,” Bland writes in the piece. [Read more…]