Parents’ Claims Move Forward in Teen Social Media Addiction MDL

Plaintiffs Defeat Meta/Tiktok Etc. Efforts to Dismiss Sprawling Teen Social Media Addiction Litigation As reported by Law360 (subscription) and other outlets, a California federal judge has denied Meta and other social media companies’ attempts to dismiss a federal class action lawsuit brought by Lieff Cabraser on behalf of parents and their children over allegations that the tech giants

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State Attorneys General File Lawsuits Alleging Meta Deliberately Hooks Kids on Social Media

The new state lawsuits follow preexisting multidistrict litigation in federal court in San Francisco original filed by Lieff Cabraser and co-counsel As reported widely across the media, a bipartisan coalition of state attorneys general that includes California, New York, Georgia, South Carolina, Illinois and related actions from Massachusetts, Tennessee, Mississippi and

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US Surgeon General Alert Amplifies the Injuries Underlying Lieff Cabraser’s Social Media Addiction & Injuries Lawsuit

As reported by Law360, U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy, has issued a crucial health alert emphasizing the harmful effects of social media on the well-being of America’s youth. The advisory, coming as it does from a new perspective, clearly classifies social media platforms as “products,” a stance that could significantly reshape the range of applicable law.

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