Today, Lieff Cabraser partner Rachel Geman is teaching a webinar on “Statistics in Employment Litigation: Substantive Issues, Working with Experts, and Recent Legal Trends” for the Clear Law Institute from 1:00-2:15pm EST.

This webinar will discuss the use of statistics in class and collective anti-discrimination litigation, and will also address legal trends in related fields. Attendees will learn how to ensure the complete and timely production of necessary data, how to identify the relevant legal requirements based on the type of case, how to retain and work with experts, understand typical areas of dispute, and to differentiate between varying statistical approaches to prove liability and damages.

View more information and register for the Statistics in Employment Litigation webinar here.

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About Rachel Geman

A partner in Lieff Cabraser’s New York office, Rachel Geman’s practice is dedicated to employment law, consumer protection, and recovering money for the government lost to fraud through False Claims Act litigation. On behalf of her clients, Ms. Geman has filed qui tam suits in multiple courts involving numerous industries that are under investigation, and is presently involved in active litigation involving off-label and kickback claims in the pharmaceutical industry. Her current class action cases involve employment discrimination, consumer civil rights, and consumer protection.

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