On Tuesday January 30, 2024, plaintiffs won a series of procedural victories in the overtime pay lawsuit filed against medical device giant Stryker Corporation when U.S. District Judge George Wu of the Central District of California denied a summary judgment motion filed by Stryker on multiple issues seeking to dismiss the litigation. The lawsuit was filed by Lieff Cabraser and co-counsel in June 2022 on behalf of Stryker sales associates who worked 70+ hours per week while in training without being paid for overtime. Stryker not only failed to pay overtime wages to its employees, but is alleged to have failed to provide mandated meal and rest breaks, and to reimburse employees business expenses.

Lieff Cabraser attorney Annie Wanless took the lead of briefing difficult, fact-intensive issues, and her work led to a tentative opinion that found for plaintiffs on almost all issues.  Lieff Cabraser attorney Christopher Coleman argued on behalf of plaintiffs, and as a result of his compelling, strategic oral advocacy, Judge Wu not only affirmed his tentative in plaintiffs’ favor, he added a few choice words regarding counsel for Stryker:  “In attempting to zealously argue its position, Defendant often misstated or overstated the relevant case law or evidence in the record,” he said.

The litigation will proceed forward.

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