You are not alone.

Survivors are everywhere.

  • Pilots say they, too, were molested by Univ. of Michigan doc, Associated Press, February 6, 2021
    A cargo pilot who regularly needed health checkups to keep his license contacted a University of Michigan doctor in 2000. He said he soon learned there was nothing routine about a visit with Robert Anderson.
  • I Survived R. Kelly, Again and Again, New York Times, February 25, 2019
    No one believed Lisa Van Allen when she testified against R. Kelly in 2008. Now, she feels vindicated.
  • Connie Chung: I, too, was sexually assaulted, The Washington Post, October 3, 2018
    Listen to broadcast journalist Connie Chung read a letter to Christine Blasey Ford, acknowledging publicly for the first time that she was sexually abused as a college student by her doctor.
  • What We Know About Victims Of Sexual Assault In America, FiveThirtyEight, September 21, 2018
    538 took a close look at what data from The National Crime Victimization Survey says about victims of sexual assault and how they respond to being attacked.
  • Padma Lakshmi: I Was Raped at 16 and I Kept Silent, (New York Times, September 25, 2018)
    The host and executive producer of “Top Chef” shares her understanding of why women would wait years to disclose a sexual assault.
  • Everything I can remember (, September 20, 2018)
    Writer and entrepreneur Jessica Shortall describes her experiences escaping and not escaping sexual assault
  • Anne Kursinski US Equestrian Safe Sport PSA Video (Facebook video, September 4, 2018)
    Five-time Olympian and riding and jumping mentor Anne Kursinski bravely tells her story in this video sharing

Men, too

How survivors react, cope, heal

  • Voices In Action (LA),
    LA-based organization with the goal of connecting survivors of sexual assault and sexual harassment in the entertainment industry with other survivors. “Voices in Action works to prevent and eradicate sexual harassment, misconduct, and assault in the entertainment industry.”
  • She Didn’t Fight Back: 5 (Misguided) Reasons People Doubt Sexual Misconduct Victims, The New York Times, November 30, 2017
    The most commonly raised causes for doubt about survivor reports are the very hallmarks that experts say they would expect to see after a sexual assault
  • Why Women Can Take Years to Come Forward With Sexual Assault Allegations, The New York Times, September 18, 2018
    Some common reasons for doubt, like a long delay before speaking out or a hazy recall of some details, are exactly what authorities say they expect to see after a sexual assault.

Proven Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Lieff Cabraser represents survivors across the U.S. who have been victimized by sexual violence and sexual abuse. We treat every client with care, respect, and compassion as we bring our comprehensive legal skills forward on each case. We have a dedicated team of lawyers, nurse consultants, and paralegals experienced in working with and listening to survivors who work individually with every client in every case to see that justice is won.

If a school, church, sports team, hospital, or another institution failed to protect you from abuse, we may be able to help you hold that institution accountable, and possibly seek compensation and practice changes to prevent that failure from happening again to you or others. We urge you to contact a survivor’s rights lawyer at Lieff Cabraser today about your potential case and recovery.

If you were the victim of abuse unrelated to a larger institution, representation by our firm may not be the best option for your situation. We encourage you to consider representation by other attorneys, as well as support from resources like,,, (another resource for male survivors),, and