USTA United States Tennis Association Sexual Assault Claims

Lieff Cabraser is investigating complaints of sexual abuse of youth tennis participants by United States Tennis Association (USTA) staff/employees. Complaints include allegations that USTA puts youth-athletes in its member programs in harm’s way by failing to prohibit sexual abuse, sexual harassment, or sexual contact between staff, coaches, and youth-athletes.

Lieff Cabraser’s sexual abuse survivor case team is investigating these and other reports of sexual abuse in programs run by the USTA. If you or a family member have suffered sexual abuse by a staff member or coach working with the USTA, we urge you to contact a victim’s rights lawyer at Lieff Cabraser today.

No one should suffer unwanted sexual advances or any kind of assault, especially not in the custody of sports professionals in non-public environments. If you have had this kind of experience, we can help you hold the perpetrator and the USTA accountable, and also force changes to their practices to safely protect all players from sexual assault and abuse.

Take the Time You Need to Make Sure You Speak to the Right Counsel

We understand that talking to anyone, let alone a lawyer, about surviving sexual abuse can be difficult and daunting. While we urge you to reach out to us, we acknowledge that every client brings a different level of comfort to the facts of their individual case. While the law pushes victims to file suit sooner rather than later, we encourage you to take the time you need to marshal your thoughts and emotions and gather your energy before using our secure, 100% confidential contact form on this page or calling us directly at 1 800 541-7358. We are here for you.

Nationally-Recognized Sexual Abuse Lawyers at Lieff Cabraser

Lieff Cabraser represents survivors across the U.S. who have been victimized by sexual violence and sexual abuse. We treat every client with care, respect, and compassion as we bring our comprehensive legal skills forward on each case. We have a dedicated team of lawyers, nurse consultants, and paralegals experienced in working with and listening to survivors who work individually with every client in every case to see that justice is won.

Our current and previous sexual abuse cases include our work on behalf of female students who were abused by the university gynecologist at USC ($215 million settlement and sweeping university reforms) as well as cases against the NCAA, the University of Michigan, the Hotchkiss School in Connecticut, the Branson School in California’s Marin County, J.B. v. G6 Hospitality LLC, Huntington Hospital in Pasadena, California, and Doe v. Twitter (representing anti-trafficking non-profit amici). We are also involved in numerous non-public school, church, and institutional student and teen abuse cases, including investigations regarding conversion therapy providers and troubled teen institutions.

If a school, church, sports team, hospital, or another institution failed to protect you from abuse, we may be able to help you hold that institution accountable, and possibly seek compensation and practice changes to prevent that failure from happening again to you or others. We urge you to contact a survivor’s rights lawyer at Lieff Cabraser today about your potential case and recovery.

If you were the victim of abuse unrelated to a larger institution, representation by our firm may not be the best option for your situation. We encourage you to consider representation by other attorneys, as well as support from resources like (another resource for male survivors),, and

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If you were a USTA program athlete subjected to sexual abuse or inappropriate conduct by your coach or staff member, we urge you to contact Lieff Cabraser partner Annika K. Martin today about your legal rights and potential recovery at 800 541-7358 or by using the secure form below. There is no charge or obligation for your outreach, and all information will be held in the strictest confidence.

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